Welcome to the Tradenity knowledge base. This site is meant to be the source of information to Tradenity API users. Here you can find all the information you need to build great eCommerce websites and mobile applications. We will keep updating this site with new content, so please check often to get updated with new content. we strive to provide you with the best possible content, so we encourage you to contact us with your suggestions on new articles you need, and how to improve the existing ones.

Get Started

To get started using Tradenity to build e-commerce sites or application, you need the following:

  • Active account on www.tradenity.com Go to http://www.tradenity.com and register for an account (It’s free), once you registered a confirmation email will be sent to you, follow the included link to activate your account.

  • Download and install the SDK for your favourite programming language. Currently we support: Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, more to come. You can find installation instructions for a specific language in the corresponding section.

  • Create a store: once you have an active account, you can create tradenity stores. a store is the logical container of your products, orders, payments… etc. To help you getting started as quickly as possible we provide sample data for a hypothetical store (the camera store), You can easily load these data in your account (available as an option when creating new store) to test Tradenity features.

  • (Optional) Download and install sample application. Go to our github account, there you will find samples for your language of choice. At least there are 2 samples per SDK. These samples uses the sample store’s data, so if you loaded these data into your account, you will have a completely functioning store in just minutes.