Create New store via the admin interface

For new users

If you are a new user, you should be on the getting started page, if not go to it using the “Getting started” link on the top navigation bar.

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You should view this page or a similar one.

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Here you can create:

  1. A blank store: A new store with the most basic data populated.
  2. A sample store: Store prepopulated with all the data for a hypothetical photography store called “Camera store”.

If you already have stores

You should go to the store list page, this is the default page you see after successful login, otherwise you can view it by clicking on the top navigation Tradenity logo

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Now, to create a new store, click on the “create new store” button

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The create store form

You should see the “Create store” form page

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Fill the required fields

  1. Name:
  2. Slug:
  3. Description
  4. Logo

Now click the “Submit button”. Upon successful store creation, you will be redirected to the store dashboard page.

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